Between sport and business,
has a lot in common.


 We often forget why we're here, what goals and roles we have.

What are the qualities that allow us to have this privilege?
It's not always easy to deconstruct your situation on your own, to set clear objectives and project yourself forward.
The job of the mental performer is to help you keep the right frame of mind, to surpass yourself, to understand how you and your environment work, to look ahead and perform over time.


Stress management



Maintain the same level of performance over time.

Only 5% to 6% of professional athletes are able to maintain the same level of performance for more than 6 years.

The same applies to the company, entrepreneur, manager and employee. Even rarer are those who maintain the same level of demand and performance for more than 10 years.

The thing they have in common is not talent or genius, but hard work combined with mental strength.

You want to change your status in your club, discipline, or professionally, make your team or group more efficient and mentally stronger.


At the heart of agile methods

The aim of our mental performance coaching is to help individuals progress, to make them mentally stronger and more consistent in their performance.

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Bringing out the best in everyone

Let your team experience something different. Let them share the secrets of sports construction, with the aim of transferring them to your company.
Constructive exchanges to improve your teams' competitiveness.

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Conquering spirit

Share over 20 years of expertise and experience with Performer Trainers. Share the values of solidarity, ambition, determination, rigor...
These values will be at the heart of your experience with OJ Sport Conseil.

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Staying focused

Make the team stronger for the benefit of all.
Be positive and step back when necessary.

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Healthy competition focused on the common goal.
Be your own judge and challenge yourself to move forward.


THEY trust US!